Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Of Mormon Study Guide: The Liahona

A lot of people over the years have wondered about what exactly the Liahona was, what it looked like, and how it worked. Well, if you read the scriptures carefully, it is actually not as mysterious as you might think. Below I have noted the facts we have about the Liahona from the Book Of Mormon, along with explanations and artist’s interpretations that might help you understand what it may have looked like:

Nephi describes the Liahona as “a round ball of curious workmanship.” (1Nephi 16:10)

It may have looked something like this ball of curious workmanship:

He explains that this curious ball had writings on it which would help direct him and his family through the desert and that the writing would change from time to time according to the situation. (1Nephi 16:29)

Here are some examples of what types of writing may have been found on the Liahona:

Lehi inquired as to where to go to find food and through the writing on the Liahona, the Lord directed them go look in the mountains. (1Nephi 24,26,30)

Lehi: Wouldest thou have my son Nephi go forth into the mountains to acquire food?


When they were on the ship, Nephi’s brothers tied him down and beat him up. Because they had been so disobedient, the ball stopped giving them directions and they did not know in which direction to steer the ship. (1Nephi 18:12-13)

Lehi: Should we go North?


And then later, after they had let Nephi go, he tried it again and the outlook was no longer hazy. (1Nephi 18:21)

You see, the truths of the scriptures are plain and if we study them carefully and prayerfully and ponder the meaning of each verse, they are easy to understand - with the exception of the Isaiah stuff, of course.

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