Saturday, October 25, 2008

Because You Have Been Given Much, You Too Must Give

I guess I have just been feeling the missionary spirit a lot lately, but I have been thinking about it and I would like to urge you to share My Religious Blog with your non-member friends. If you are hesitant to approach them with something gospel related, just give them the link and tell them it is a blog about Regis Philbin. No matter how you get them here, when they do come here, I would like them to read the message below:

Hello brother and/or sister,

Thank you for visiting my religious blog. If you are having a difficult time understanding some of the posts you are reading, that makes sense. But I would like to invite you to have a couple of young men come visit you at your house and help explain these jokes to you and your family.

If you like rap music, they will also have very special cassette to share with you.

Thank you.

Love, Brother Gatsby (former DL)

Here are some pass-along cards you can print out if that will help:


TJ said...

Thank you Brother Gatsby,
I'll use my new missionary tools wisely and spread the word.

Holdinator said...

I would like to invite these young men to dinner so they can meet some of my friends in my home.

Do they have a dinner appointment calendar somewhere? Will Regis come with them as a joint teach?

Lee said...

I've been looking for a way to share this blog's message without offending my neighbors (that I never even talk to because I see them out doing yardwork on Sundays.) This will be perfect.

Thanks, Gatsby.

Lee (ex-AP)