Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conference Stories

I love when they tell funny stories in conference. Because they teach an important principal, but the humorous antidote helps you to remember that principal.

Like that one story where there was a guy or something and he said something about oceanography. Which is a funny word in and of itself, but then I think there was also a kid involved or maybe it was just a slow adult or something but whoever it was was all “oceanography? I don’t even own an oceanograph.”

And that’s the part where I always start to tear up, because it’s so true.

I know it with every fiber of my being!

Well, at least with 90% of my being fibers, but still...


Robert Vollman said...

For his birthday you could buy him some piece of junk. He'll ask "what is this?" and you say "it's an oceanograph." And later on you'll ask "so is the oceanograph working ok?" and to avoid looking stupid he'll say "oh yeah, it's working great. It's a great oceanograph."

Tony said...

Recently a man gave a talk about the atonement in sacrament meeting, comparing it to the forgiveness he recieved after giving someone a home makeover with tapered white stuff.

It will go down in history as the "Parable of the T.P."

sue said...