Monday, October 13, 2008

Utah Mormons

I hate when I hear little comments and stereotypes that reveal an animosity between “Utah-Mormons” and “California-Mormons” and even “East Coast-Mormons”.

It’s just not right. With the world in the state it is in today, we need to come together and unite. We need to remember that California-Mormons are not any better or worse than Utah Mormons or East Coast-Mormons. Yes, there may be small differences between us, but we actually have more in common than we have differences, if you think about it.

For example, at least we’re not as weird as those Idaho-Mormons.

You know what I’m talking about, California-Mormons!

*High five!*


Sally said...

LOL.....Although, Florida-Mormon's are actually the best. We just try to keep it ourselve's.

Robert Vollman said...

*high five*

(Thou shalt not leave thy brother hanging)

Now check this out: why can't Mormons send flowers?

Gatsby said...

That's interesting, Sister Williams. I didn't even know the church was in Florida.

And that's a classic, brother Vollman! Thanks for the link.

Brethart77 said...

*High Five*

At least the Idaho Mormons are a step above the Colorado City Mormons...

(wink - wink)


Chelsi and Trevor Chipps said...

HOLD ON!! You are forgetting the Mesa-Mormons!! They are also known as Mini-Utah-Mormons! Now, THEY are the best!! :)

*and yes, I know that this comment is a few months behind the date of the post, but that's what you get with us Used-to-be-Mesa-Mormons-now-Oregon-Mormons... we get a little confused. ;)

Janiece said...

I am so glad my son told me about your blog!

Caty said...

Being from Missouri, I try my hardest to not use terms like "Utah Mormon." But to be honest, there is a big difference in the way a lot (not all) of the members "live" the Gospel in Utah. Just sayin' is all...