Friday, October 24, 2008

The Word Of Wisdom

It really bothers me when people pick and choose which scriptures to follow. For example, the Word of Wisdom. It is more than just list of things you should avoid putting in your body - rather it is a law of health that should be followed in its entirety.

If you read the scriptures carefully, they state that strong drinks ARE “for the washing of your bodies” and that tobacco IS “an herb for bruises and all sick cattle.”

So don’t think that just because you don’t smoke and drink that you are living the Word of Wisdom. When was the last time you bathed with hard liquor? Or rubbed tobacco on your bruises? Or fed it to a sick cow?

If it has been a while, then you are living neither the letter of the law nor the spirit of the law.


Lee said...


Perry said...

Only one comment....

Hummmmm I guess that there are a lot of people out there not bathing and rubbing enough!


kate and clint said...

oh goodness what ever would parents do if you became a seminary teacher.

Catherine Agnes said...

It gets worse--the church totally ignores the instruction in verse 17 to drink beer (what other mild drinks did people make from barley in the 1830s?)