Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deep Doctrine

Deep Doctrine: The law of plural marriage

Deeper Doctrine: The true origin of dinosaurs

Deepest Doctrine: The law of plural dinosaur marriage


becky said...

my mind just exploded

T.R. said...

And you thought human polygamy was controversial.

becky: that's gross.

April said...

maybe one day we can get to a point where we can accept polygamous dinosaur-human marriages. I mean, interracial marriage is A-OK, why not inter-species?

Gatsby said...

I don't feel comfortable speculating about that. I will just try to remain faithful to the comandments we do already have. And if they tell us later we need to marry dinosaurs, I will obay.

As long as it's not velosorapters.

Because they are too unatractive.

Brethart77 said...

...and then there are those things that are not doctorine at "only celestial bodies will have reproductive organs" or "you will be resurected with a fat body forever if you die fat" or "Satan was really a lizard-man 'that great serpant' and his fallen followers 'also lizard-men' created the dinosaurs to eat and torment man, but Noah's arch was really a giant microwave oven and he used it to nuke all the dinosaurs." I'm not sure where people get this stuff - Brethart77