Friday, November 7, 2008

A Stupor Of Thought

The other day I was pondering the great wonders of the gospel and something came to me:

If the church invented a time machine, we wouldn’t have to do work for the dead anymore. We would just go to the temple, take a time machine back, and baptize the people while they were still alive.

I know that would improve my temple attendance.

Also even though the church strictly prohibits changing the past and creating rifts in the space/time continuum, after I baptized Aaliyah, I would tell her not to get on that plane.

And then, if our timeline remained intact, I’d just repent about it later.


Robert Vollman said...

What do you mean "if"?

ssdd: future: unknown said...

I'd make sure Aaliyah still got on that plane...ha, ha.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

I need to find some of this space/time continuum doctrine.

Gatsby said...

"SDD Future" is my wife. She hates it when I talk about Aaliyah.

Which I admit is probably more often than I should.

eped said...

sounds like a big hassle to me

Machtyn said...

If this comment is ever read...

Why not just jump into the future when everyone is resurrected and baptize them then?

You know, there have got to be a lot of invalid proxy baptisms due to one reason or another. Also there have to be a lot of repeat baptisms.

I hope I don't have to work on that database mess.