Sunday, December 28, 2008

10 People Who Have Joined The Church After They Died

Although it is impossible to know for sure, it is generally accepted among the saints that these people, after having missed the opportunity to join the church in this life, have done so in the spirit world.

1. Christopher Columbus
2. Martin Luther
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. George Washington
5. The guy that said he can’t read a sealed book
6. C.S. Lewis
7. Mother Theresa
8. Pac
9. Aaliyah
10. Ricky Schroeder


Obscurity Jones said...

Ricky Schroeder really did join the church in this life - although I think he is still in this life. I know someone who knows someone who heard of someone who went to an elder's quorum party at his house once.

brossettelewis said...

I had to vouch for Bro Schroeder. We already got him and he's not dead yet. Go Team, we got a hottie!

eped said...

thanks guys for the rigorous fact-checking. although Gatsby thoroughly researches his work, sometimes it takes a few keen eyes to help keep him honest.

B. said...

Pac is still alive too. And it's just a rumor that he joined the church. Just like those rumors about Steve Martin and Snoop Dogg and Glenn Beck.

Joe said...

I was the companion to the guy that started the lessons on Ricky, later baptized after he transfered.

Gatsby said...

Well, it's interesting what you guys are saying, butI haven’t been able to verify any of your claims. So I am going to stick with my original post.

It’s just another one of those things we won’t really know until we get up to heaven and ask.

Like the whole dinosaur business.

miss shortcake said...

Aaliyah is a post-mortem mormom? Woah.

Gatsby said...

I am hoping she is.

Danny said...

The key to teaching Schroeder the gospel was to build a relationship of trust with him.

The missionaries didn't just jump right in shoving the gospel down his throat. Nope, at first they would just go over to his house and ride that little train through his livingroom and kitchen - or breakdance with his best friend.

And then once Schroeder trusted them, he was very receptive to their message.

Also they had to always concentrate to make sure they didn't accidently call him Brother Scrotum.

n8_bert said...

Mother Theresa? Seriously? She may have been nice to dying kids, but she seemed pretty stubborn to me. She was like 900 when she died. That hag was set in her ways and who has the chops to BRT with her? I mean, she doesn't exactly have a tennis trophy sitting on the mantle where you can be all, "Hey I played tennis once?" When the missionary says, "So what do you like to do?" and she starts her laundry list of do-gooding the missionary will have nothing but "I swept some floors at a Habitat for Humanity project one Saturday morning." She will show him to the door in a heartbeat.

And C.S. Lewis isn't going to "enter" anything of import unless the "gate" Nephi was talking about is hidden inside a wardrobe.

Gatsby said...

Wow. A lot of venom for Mother thereasa.

Rusty! said...

Wait, are you saying that dinosaurs were members of the church too?