Monday, December 15, 2008

Stake Conference

Stake Conference is an incredible opportunity for all of the members in the same area to gather together under one roof to hear the Stake presidency teach and exhort us.

But the thing is, if your kid starts screaming and crying, it’s probably best for you to take them home so they don’t disturb all the other people who are trying to listen.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t think it’s an unpardonable sin to discretely pinch your kid to make him start crying.

And sometimes I think that is one of the best reasons to have kids.


eped said...

lately, it's seemed to me that stake conference is an occasion for leadership shout-outs and shoulder-slapping. "I know your stake presidency loves you all so much, each and every one." "I've had a witness that he's(they're/you're...) inspired." "It's just been such a pleasure working with brother so & stuff" "I have a testimony of the doctrine of conferences, of meetings..."

anyway, that and trying to get old people to go out on missions.

hey, and the one you did about the three indians across the street was the best!

Rick said...

My family is a bit different. See, we start praying for the spirit to reveal to us whether our kids will start crying a couple of weeks in advance. By the time Conference comes around, we know with every fiber of our beings that the 18-month-old will cry constantly, unless she's distracting everyone by toddling up and down the aisles. And don't get me started on the 9-year-old who can't even make it through Sacrament meeting without wailing to the nearest two or three rows that he's bored.

So, rather than risk even a moment's distraction to others, we just don't show up. That's how we show our love to our fellow Saints.

Jessica said...

One of your top posts.

Gatsby said...

Thanks Jessica. And I totally agree with you Brother Brooks.

And Brother Rick, I understand you perfectly!

jenica said...

aye aye

Beck said...

I'm a bit late to this party, but I just wanted to say that at our house Stake Conference is called "Free Church Day". Not sure *where* the kids learned that one. cough cough ME! cough