Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stories From My Mission (part two)

One time these sister missionaries from my mission tracted into this guy’s house and he didn’t kill them.

Then a week later, the police arrested the guy for being a serial killer. When they asked him why he hadn’t killed the sister missionaries that week prior, he said it was because there were three big Indians watching him from across the street.

But the amazing part of that story is that the Indian family who lived across the street had moved out two years earlier.

And there was now a Pakistani family that lived there.


Anonymous said...

Love the site.

I am the Rev. J.P. Wieloch


Suburban Heretic said...

I love you. This is the best blog I have read in a while.

Chrissy said...

oww my side hurts from laughing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like what you find on http://www.mormonlore.com.

Marvin said...

Yep - that story is folklore. There are many variations of the same story inside and outside the church.

Matsby said...

Well that's what makes it a joke.

Candace said...

Why are you SO funny?!

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