Saturday, January 3, 2009

Biblical Pranks

If I lived back in the Biblical days, I would have changed my name to Begat. And then I would have named my kid Begat and encouraged him to name his kid Begat. So that when the guys who write the Brass Plates were writing out my lineage, they would have to write something like:

“And Bob begat Begat. And Begat begat Begat. And Begat begat Begat”

Then every time people read the scriptures, they would remember me as the guy who was always messing with the guys who wrote the brass plates.


No Cool Story said...

I came via JustRandi.
I read.
I laughed.
I spilled my juice on my keyboard.


kate and clint said...


Emily R said...

Even though I knew what was coming, I laughed hard enough that that sip of water just went out my nose.