Thursday, January 8, 2009

Biblical Pranks

I was thinking about what it would have been like to have lived back in the days of the Tower of Babel, when the Lord got mad and made everyone speak different languages.

And I was thinking how if I was friends with the brother of Jared and I was one of the people who did not have my language confounded, every morning when I got up and he said good morning to me, I would pretend I was speaking a different language.

Like one morning I would say something like “Buenos dias, hombre. ¿Como esta?” and the next morning I would say “Gutten tag, mien freund”.

And each time, he would be scared and think I had had my language confounded, but then I’d be all “nah man, I’m just goofing with ya.”

And that’s just an example of how my good humor would help to make the journey to the city of Moriancumer just a little more enjoyable for everybody who had to share a barge with me.


Michelle 2021 said...

That joke was tight like unto a dish!

Jessica said...

tight dishes tend to stink, after a while. At least, the tupperware in my fridge does.

Brian Barker said...

I agree with the tower of Babel comment.

In today's World the language problem is still relevant!

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