Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bea (Arthur) Attitudes

Blessed are the outspoken, middle-aged, liberal New Yorkers, for they shall ultimately be appointed to congress and move to Washington D.C.

Blessed are the sarcastic divorcees who share a house in Miami with their mother and two other older ladies, for they shall often get to share cheesecake together while swapping stories around the kitchen table.


Tod Robbins said...

Haha! O Golden Girls!

Vigorous Fidelity said...

would you like to watch and comment?
what do you think??

Matsby said...

Hey thanks, Brother Fidelity.

I just left a comment on your video saying how lame spamming blogs is.

And if any of you want to put yourselves to sleep, you should check out this guy's horribly boring video.