Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woe Unto The Liar

You're so glad when daddy comes home, glad as you can be? Clap your hands and shout for joy and climb up on my knee?

Really, kids???

I haven't heard my kids tell that big of a lie since last month when they claimed that when their mother calls them, quickly they obey.

It's shameful.


SalGal said...

My kids were programmed to believe it's always fun when grandma comes. After she's lived the last two years with us, they are starting to pull the wool back from their lies. Eyes. Whatever.

Christy said...

Someone needs to write a new father's day song. PLEASE!!!

Who Knows said...

Father’s day is a day to celebrate fathers. I shouldn’t be forced to spend the whole day with my kids. I should be able to enjoy being a father by myself.

Glenn Thigpen said...

Okay, I am one of the fathers for which that song was true when my children were kids. Unless I was dog tired (I had much more stamina and energy along then), there would usually be a few moments of tussling and rowdiness with those kids. I missed that more than anything after those kids got older.

Somehow I now have a five year old granddaughter to reenact some of those times with. I am making the most of it I can, but alas, I have not the energy and stamina to carry on as long as she would like, but it still is a joy to have that child's eyes light up when I come home.


Nancy Nina said...

I don't know about you Matsby, but I've yet to witness a rose bloom beneath my (or my husband/kids') feet. We have love at home but just standard hardwood garden sweet.

Ringer said...

Confession time:

I don't think apricot trees look like popcorn.

And I am not doing my genealogy either. Probably because the reason why I would do it is not very clear to me.