Sunday, October 6, 2013

Who's On The Lord's Side Of This Argument Who?

"Hey guy I was arguing with earlier this week on Facebook, did you hear that talk in conference where the general authority basically backed up the point I was making? Booya! It looks like God's representatives agree with me! How you like them apples?" 

 - Guys on both sides of the same Facebook argument


simplysarah said...


Dan said...

So true.

Years ago after reading about Bruce R. McCookie my brother and I started working on (read: just talking about) a card game where you would battle for doctrine using different GAs with different abilities. Brigham Young plays the Adam God theory but then gets McConkie-conked with 7 deadly heresies!

This conference I guess the two plays would be Oaks vs Uchtdorf.

Mormon X said...

Ha, I see this all the time!